26th January 2018

Promoting Ringing – Downloadable Flyers & Displays

Easy Ways to Promote Ringing at Your Tower

  • Display a notice with ringing times and contact details in the church porch or outside notice board. Download one from cccbr.org.uk/pr/publicity or design your own.
  • Keep a stock of ringing flyers with your tower contact details on for giving to non-ringers and putting out in church. Download one from the Flyers section below and customise it with your tower’s details and ringing times or contact PRO@derbyda.org.uk.
  • Encourage wedding couples to see what they are paying for after they book the bells for their wedding by inviting them to your practice: explain about ringing and give them a backstroke taster lesson and a flyer. Perhaps arrange it so they can pay the bell fee at the same time.
  • Put a display inside your church about ringing locally: your bells, your ringers and your ringing achievements. Make use of open ground-floor ringing chambers and tower doors as display areas. Put some flyers nearby.
  • Use a colourful display about ringing when you open the tower for visitors or to use when you give a presentation. Download the pages you require from the Displays section below.
  • Send a photograph and short article about your ringing for a special event to local newspapers and magazines. If your article is people-focused and cheerful it is likely to get published.
  • Contact your local radio station about your forthcoming event or ringing achievement to get a mention on the radio.
  • Use the Bell Ringing Derbyshire Facebook page to promote your ringing and share it with your friends.
  • Ensure that your church website has a bell ringing section with links to and from this website (derbyda.org.uk).
  • For further ideas and advice explore cccbr.org.uk/pr/advice or email PRO@derbyda.org.uk.


Download and customise flyers for your tower or event:

  • Download this PDF onto your computer: Bell Ringing Flyer.
  • Open the PDF, click in the Contacts section and type in your contact details (plus other information e.g. ringing times, website, Facebook page, etc) (maximum 2 lines of text).
  • Print on A4 on both sides of paper (flip on the short edge) to create 2 A5 flyers per sheet.


Here are clear and colourful displays about ringing.
Please feel free to download as much as you would like to use.


Produced by Sue Hall: Sue is happy for anything to be used providing her name is kept on the copy.
Acknowledgement: Some images used in this material have been sourced from the internet.