26th January 2018

Promoting Ringing – Downloadable Flyers & Displays

Ringing Remembers Resources

  • Click here for the DDA Ringing Remembers customisable poster (A4 but can be printed at other sizes) and other Ringing Remembers information.
  • Click here to order ready-printed Ringing Remembers flyers and A3 posters.
  • Click here for Ringing Remembers information and resources on the CCCBR website.
  • Click here to Register as a Ringing Remembers ringer.

Easy Ways to Promote Ringing at Your Tower

  • Display a notice with ringing times and contact details in the church porch or outside notice board. Download one from the Porch Notice section below.
  • Keep a stock of ringing flyers with your tower contact details on for giving to non-ringers and putting out in church. Download one from the Flyers section below and customise it with your tower’s details and ringing times or contact PRO@derbyda.org.uk.
  • Encourage wedding couples to see what they are paying for after they book the bells for their wedding by inviting them to your practice: explain about ringing and give them a backstroke taster lesson and a flyer. Perhaps arrange it so they can pay the bell fee at the same time.
  • Put a display inside your church about ringing locally: your bells, your ringers and your ringing achievements. Make use of open ground-floor ringing chambers and tower doors as display areas. Put some flyers nearby.
  • Use a colourful display about ringing when you open the tower for visitors or to use when you give a presentation. Download the pages you require from the Displays section below.
  • Send a photograph and short article about your ringing for a special event to local newspapers and magazines. If your article is people-focused and cheerful it is likely to get published.
  • Contact your local radio station about your forthcoming event or ringing achievement to get a mention on the radio.
  • Use the Bell Ringing Derbyshire Facebook page to promote your ringing and share it with your friends.
  • Ensure that your church website has a bell ringing section with links to and from this website (http://www.derbyda.org.uk).
  • For further ideas and advice, download the CCCBR Engaging with the Public leaflet, explore cccbr.org.uk/pr/advice, or email PRO@derbyda.org.uk.

Flyers – keep a stock for giving to non-ringers

Download and customise flyers for your tower, church leaflet stand or event:

  • Download this PDF onto your computer: Bell Ringing Flyer.
  • Open the PDF, click in the Contacts section and type in your contact details (ideally a name and phone number plus your tower’s @derbyda.org.uk email address, plus other information e.g. ringing times, website, Facebook page, etc) (maximum 2 lines of text).
  • Print on one side at a time then turn over the paper and print the same on the reverse and cut in half.

Porch Notice – display essential information about ringing at your tower

Download and customise a notice to display in your church porch, external noticeboard or tower door:

  • Download this PDF onto your computer: Tower Porch Notice.
  • Open the PDF, click in each of the 4 sections and type in the details (1: Tower name and/or a short introduction/description; 2: Bell details; 3: Normal ringing times; 4: Contact details ideally a name and phone number plus your tower’s @derbyda.org.uk email address and relevant websites and social media pages).
  • Print and display!

Tower Open Day Poster

Download and customise a poster for your tower open day:

  • Download this PDF onto your computer: Tower Open Day Poster.
  • Open the PDF, click in each of the 4 sections and type in the details (1: Tower name/location; 2: Date; 3: Times; 4: Contact details and/or more information about the open day).
  • Print as many as you need!


Here are clear and colourful displays about ringing.
Please feel free to download as much as you would like to use.


Produced by Sue Hall: Sue is happy for anything to be used providing her name is kept on the copy.
Acknowledgement: Some images used in this material have been sourced from the internet.