Training Survey (Ringer)

Welcome to the DDA Education Survey for Ringers

If you are a tower captain, you may want to use this form. If you are completing it on one of your ringers behalf, you should use your own email address, to avoid any privacy issues.

The survey should take only a few minutes to complete. Most questions allow you to enter a comment (in case you need to clarify an answer). Please be aware that your answers may be circulated to Education, District or General Committee members - please avoid disclosing any sensitive information.

First, please confirm you are a human (enter the above text into the box below)!

The Theory of Everything for Beginners

Well not quite everything ... we only have a few hours. If you are new to ringing and don't understand all the jargon, we will explain it to you. If you want to know about methods (like what a Place or Dodge is) is we can explain. And give you some samples of ringing it.

Change Ringing

If you would like to move from Rounds and Call changes to elementary change ringing, or advance your skills, please indicate.

Heavier Bell Workshops

Do you always ring round the front, and avoid the back bells. Would you like to try them out or improve your technique? You don't need to be made of steel to ring round the back - we can show you how to ring the tenors with skill rather than of brute force. Please note. You will need good bell control and handling to get the most out of this course.

Striking Improvement

Are you forever being told to get closer/hold up/or listen? Can you tell if your bell is in the right place? Can you even tell which is your bell? We have two workshops on offer. One to focus on listening skills and call changes, the other on elementary methods.

Ringing Up and Down in Peal

This course will improve your skills in ringing up and down in peal - keeping your place with the others.


Would you like to know more about how bobs and singles work? Or just how the conductor knows what you should be doing when you go wrong? We give you some simple touches to call, and explain all about coursing order and how this gets affected by a bob or single. You should be able to ring touches of bob doubles/minor (and stay right!) to make the most out of this course.

Please add any other comments (are there other courses you think we should organise?)

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