28th April 2017


The Education Committee consists of 2 representatives elected by each District, and a representative from the Gordon Halls Ringing Centre. Our remit is to promote the recruitment and training of bell ringers, and to extend the appreciation of bell ringing among the public (Association Objectives 2 and 5).

The committee can assist towers by:

  • Offering our Wombel and other resources to aid recruitment
  • Advising on techniques for training of ringers
  • Training teachers by promoting the Association of Ringing Teachers’  Integrated Teacher Training Scheme
  • Providing workshops and/or resources – please contact the Chairman for  details.

The committee organises courses and workshops for improving ringing skills at a more advanced level. Courses we have run recently include:

  • Theory of Everything for Beginners. Well not quite – we only have a few hours. The idea behind this course is to explain some of the jargon to recent recruits to ringing, along with exercises to explain things and improve bell control. Come along with your questions and we will try to answer them.
  • Ringing Up and Down in Peal. You can ring a bell up and down, but get out of place when ringing with others? We will provide a team of experts, and give you the chance to practice with them – or maybe you want to try leading up or down?
  • Basic Change Ringing. Ready to move from rounds & calls – would you like to try plain hunt. Or maybe you would like to advance your skills?
  • Heavier Bell Workshop. Do you always ring round the front, and avoid the back bells. Would you like to try them out or improve your technique? You don’t need to be made of steel to ring round the back – we can show you how to ring the tenors with skill rather than of brute force. Please note. You will need good bell control and handling to get the most out of this course.
  • Striking Improvement. We have two courses to offer. One is based on call changes and listening skills, the other based on ringing simple methods.
  • Conducting. We explain how bobs and singles work, and how this affects coursing order. If you can ring touches of bob doubles inside, you are ready for this course.
  • Belfry Maintenance. Led by our Bell Consultants we will show you the things you can fix yourself, and when to call in the experts. We usually run this course in October alternately with
  • Rope Splicing. How to make the tattered bits of rope go further. We take you through making a short splice and (time permitting) a long splice. Bring a rope to mend.

Note. These courses typically run at a central location on a Saturday morning or afternoon. At the moment we haven’t decided on the course schedule – please send us your requirements. If we have sufficient demand we may even be able to come to you – on your practice night. Also please let us know if you have any suggestions for a course to run – contact one of the committee members for your District (see below), or the Chairman, or email us for more information.

The Whiting Society also offer several training courses, quite often at the DDA supported Gordon Halls Ringing Centre, Eckington.

The Association of Ringing Teachers run courses for training teachers, and promote the Learning the Ropes scheme. You need not be an accredited A.R.T. teacher to go on the courses or use the material. Read more about A.R.T. on this post.

Andrew Hall (Chairman, Chesterfield District)
Jenny Halliday (Southern District)
Gill Hughes (Central District, Secretary)
Karen Jeffrey (Chesterfield District)
Don Jones (Gordon Halls Education Centre)
Rachael Peckham (Southern District)
Josephine Walker (Peak District)


Education Events Calendar

Nothing from 18th October 2019 to 18th October 2020.