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  • I’m not sure about the need for Association Officers to have a DBS check (or how this is going to be sponsored). I would have thought responsibility would be better placed with those who bring them (as happens, for example, at RSCM events).

  • I agree with Andrew.

    Other comments:
    If I am reading this correctly, I understand that according to CCCBR Guidance No 3 legally the requirement is that those actually physically ‘teaching young juniors’ on a regular basis are the only ones who need to be DBS checked, however I agree that anyone who is regularly teaching should be checked, for their own protection. I also feel we need to remember that as soon as the check is compleated it could be out of date, so ongoing vigidulance is important.

    What do we mean by regularly teaching? Is this just whilst the recruit is learning / mastering basic bell handling, or more? Without upsetting anyone I know basic handling can be taught to variable standards, so may need additional input from a second person.

    I believe that most tower captains / other ringers present keep a watchfully eye on everyone who is attending the ringing event, so in practice all ringers supervise / monitor each other, especially where children / those covered by DBS requirements are present. So do we therefore need to record everyone present, including visitors, (regular or not), individually by name? We are a tower that has lots of non regular visitors, it’s the only way we can ring.

    Surely it should be the parents / carers responsibility to deliver / collect the person under their care to / from ringing events, or if they can not / is an emergency situation they can be contacted and permission for alternative arrangements, (where possible written), obtained from them?

    Having two accredited DBS ringers is not possible at my own tower, due to there not being the same two adults attending regualarly who are prepared to go through the process as they feel this is unnecessary and an infringement on their privacy: they have taught ringing for many years without any problems, etc, etc. I personally believe it is my responsibility to look after the welfare of all others whilst at the practice, meeting, service ringing etc. until there are no longer in my care / responsibility. Having 3 /4 people DBS checked would be lovely …. if only.

    Why does the flow chart need to be displayed in the tower? We have stone walls, which are difficult to fix things to, plus there is the danger it may be forgotten when changes occur. Can it not just be readily accessible? I know in my own church every ringer will pass such a notice before they enter the ringing room, hence aware.

    What happens if the parent / career doesn’t wish to sign the consent form, do we refuse to teach that child, until they are eighteen (an adult)? Surely we can use some judgement on if it ‘safe’, for us to continue to teach especially for older children?

    Training: I agreed this needs further discussion / investigation.

    I know I’ve tried to book on events only to be told they are full, (before they have even appeared on the website!)

    In today’s society, ringers still work shift work, evenings, internet access is sometimes variable etc. which is why there needs to be events at different times, dates and in accessible locations. We possibly also need to look at other ways of booking on to courses.

    What happened to the website on line training that has been mentioned in the past – I still can’t find it.

    For those who undertake regular Safeguarding training, e.g as part of their job, do they really need to have DDA training as well? If they can prove they have undergone some form of training?

    What happens if we can not attend training events on a rolling three year basis?

    Sorry if there are lots of questions, but having spoken to other ringers we would like these issues raised / answered.

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