16th May 2017

Ringing World National Youth Contest

The Ringing World National Youth Contest for the Whitechapel Trophy, first held at St Saviour, Pimlico in March 2011, was initially conceived as a “one off” event as part of the Ringing World’s Centenary celebrations. However, after the resounding success of this first contest, in which twelve teams took part, The Ringing World decided to hold the National Youth Contest again and thus it became firmly established as an annual event in the ringing calendar, held on various Saturdays in June or July (now fixed as the first Saturday in July). A team from the DDA has entered this competition since its inception.

Date Location Category Grade Place1
2018 London (St Olave, Hart St)2 Call changes B3
2017 Birmingham (St James, Shirley)2 Call changes C+3
2016 Pimlico (St Saviour)2 Call changes B3
2015 Oxford (St Thomas) Call Changes A 2nd equal
2014 Worcester (St Martin) Method C 5th
2013 York (St Lawrence) Call Changes A (78%) 2nd
2012 Birmingham (St Paul) Call Changes A (67%) 2nd
2011 Pimlico (St Saviour) Call Changes C 5th equal

1Place within the category
2Qualifier tower
3Heats. From 2016 heats have been held at several towers with the winning teams going through to the final.